Medical checkup

To create a healthy and ambitious working environment for the employees, we conduct regular medical checkup

Operates company restaurant

For the convenience of the employees and executives and to provide nutritious meals, we provide lunch from a selected outstanding external business restaurant operation company. We also provide additional meal support for the employees who come work early or does overtime.

Provides Company Dormitory

Upon the employee's will at the time of hire, housing is provided to the employees in technical field

Life event support

Vacation, monetary support, flower is provided in case a life event occurs to oneself, one’s family, or spouse’s family

Educational Support

Provides educational expense support for one’s job-related education. And full expense support for acquiring certificate related to one’s job

Transportation Fee

One time interview fee is provided by the travel distance to the interviewee for talent recruitment

Employee Loan

Support employ’s loan within limit for the employees who worked 1 or more years

Event for retiring employees

For the employees retiring at the designated retiring age, the company provides a appreciation award and a lucky gold key (1 don (3.75g) of pure gold)