About HK

Code of Conduct

Heungkuk Industry pursues a transparent business management,
follows a healthy business ethics, and eco-friendly management practice,
and it continues to put efforts in to fulfill the company’s social duty
and help business family’s prosperity.
Article 1
(Basic Ethics)
  1. Heungkuk Industry pursues a healthy business activity, and it contributes
    to the development of society.
  2. It follows the law and respects the social value in executing the company’s business.
  3. It increases the profit of the company through innovative management and
    actively countermeasures to the market change.
  4. It participates in environmental policy and maintains eco-friendly production
    processing and cooperates with the sustainable development policy.
  5. It contributes to the society by offering jobs through its active business activities
    and promotes the unity with the local society through various supports.
Article 2
(For the customers)
  1. Heungkuk Industry’s all business activities are its efforts to fulfill the customers’ needs.
  2. It shall respond to and handle customer’s reasonable demands in a quick and diligent manner.
  3. It shall maintain the best quality standards in all products and provide such to the customers.
  4. Customer’s personal information must be safely managed and protected according to the company’s personal information handling policy and related law.
Article 3
(For its employees and executives)
  1. It acknowledges each employee and executive’s dignity and unique value.
  2. It shall create work condition and environment by putting priority on the safety
    and health of the employees and executives.
  3. It shall treat all employees and executives fairly by a reasonable standard.
  4. It shall support employees and executives so that they can work on tasks with
    independence and responsibility.
  5. Build and promote educational system to cultivate creative talents
    who can grow with the company.
Article 4
(Fair competition)
  1. It shall make competitional relationship as an opportunity for a mutual development and compete each fairly with respect on market economy order and commercial morality.
  2. It shall seek for a continuous mutual growth by building a mutual futuristic cooperative relationship with the family company such as affiliated enterprises.
  3. When making a deal, it shall not use one’s superior right or dominant position or execute unlawful power.
  4. It shall not take of or give any unlawful advantage such as money or accommodation
    to another related party in business.
Article 5
(Eco-friendly management)
  1. It shall recognize that environment preservation must be considered first in business activities, and it shall approach environmental issues with an open mind and do its best to improve such.
  2. It shall improve production facility and processing to be eco-friendly and always check environment risk factors.
  3. By thoroughly blocking the environmental risk factors, it shall prevent
    the loss in local society in advance.
  4. If environmental risk circumstance should arise, it shall quickly respond to it
    and establish and execute the countermeasure to prevent the recurrence.
  5. It shall invest sufficient fund in eco-friendly improvement and actively participate in
    developing futuristic eco-friendly new material.
Article 6
(Duty of its employees and executives)
  1. Heungkuk Industry’s employees and executives shall abide by the company’s regulation, business principle, and various law related to the business and create healthy company culture.
  2. One shall respect everyone’s diversity, knowledge, and experience, and cooperate and execute tasks through a smooth communication between coworkers and relevant departments.
  3. One shall keep high ethical perspective, maintain individual’s dignity, and honor and have pride on the company.
Article 7
(Safety First and Danger Prevention)
  1. In all business activities, customers and employees and executives’ safety comes first always.
  2. It shall thoroughly follow the safety standards in task execution and prevent accidents.
  3. If one shall notice any safety risk, one must report it immediately and quickly respond to it.
  4. In case of an emergency such as disaster, all employees must do everything in their power to resolve the issue.

Compliance report

Article 1
(Duty to report)
If one received an inevitable economical advantage from the related party or received an unlawful request, one must immediately report it to the relevant department and follow the relevant department’s guide.
Article 2
(Method of report)
Report target
- Activities such as unlawful act, unfair dealing, unfair subcontract dealing that violates the Fair-Trade Law
- Other illegal behaviors in relation to the labor, Heungkukman right, personal information, sales secret, safety/environment
Confidentiality guaranteed
- all reports are handled with secrecy and guarantees to be anonymous.
- Its basic policy is to not give any disadvantage to the reporter (including its employees and executives) in any aspect.
Inquiry: Heungkuk Industry Legal Team
Phone: 02-427-2468
Address: (12988) 20, Chogwangsandan-ro, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea