Product Type

Normal Concrete
A combination material that is made by kneading the cement, water, fine aggregate, and coarse aggregate, and occasionally mixing the additive into such. This concrete’s mass unit is around 2,300kg/㎥.
Lightweight Concrete
Concrete that is made of light weight by using light weight aggregate or adding many bubbles. This concrete’s mass unit is 2,000kg/㎥or under.
Mass Concrete
It’s a large size concrete that is used for large structures like concrete dam or large bridge etc, which needs to be built with a consideration of heat increase from the hydration of the cement. It’s a rich mix concrete including 0.8m or thicker depth of concrete for flat plate structure of large dimension and 0.5m or thicker prestressed concrete structures for a bearing wall which bottom part is secured.
Watertight Concrete
It is a highly watertight concrete or low permeable concrete that is used for the structures like various storage facility, underground structure, maintenance structure, water tank, swimming pool, water and sewage facility, tunnel etc, whose safety, durability, functionality, maintenance and change of appearance are affected by permeable water and moisture.
Hot Weather Concrete
It’s a concrete that is manufactured and used for construction in the weather condition where monthly average temperature is 25℃or the highest temperature is over 30℃. It is the concrete made to solve the increased risk issues like decrease in slump, reduction of air-entrained amount, cold joint incurrence, decrease in long-term strength and decrease of closeness in concrete surface layer that are caused by the concrete’s increasing temperature. To solve such problems, this concrete is made with the consideration of material’s treatment, rubbing, delivery, pouring and curing etc.
This is the concrete or mortar that are made by spraying on the construction area with a pressured air after mixing accelerating agent to the material delivered to the nozzle through hose using the compressor or pump. This type of concrete is used to prevent the weathering, peeling, exfoliation of lining, slanted area, slope, or wall of a tunnel (including inclined shaft, vertical shaft), underground space or a large communal structure, and maintenance/reinforcement of tunnel, dam or bridge.
High strength concrete
A concrete whose designed standard strength is 40㎫ or over in normal concrete, and 27㎫ or over in lightweight concrete. This concrete hardens in early material age which is faster than the regular strength concrete, and its hardness continues to improve till later. Standard material age is generally set as 28 days, but depending on the hardness strength, it can set to 56 days or 90 days etc as well.
It is a substance that is made from kneading cement, water and fine aggregate and sometimes mixing additive materials to such. (It is used for the finishing outdoor or exterior wall)