R&D Center

About R&D Center

HK Industry R&D center aims to achieve sustainable material solutions that emphasize humanity and the environment.

HK Industry R&D Center was established in 2021. We have a patent technology of inorganic insulation material that is light and has high durability against fire using Geopolymer. We are currently in development of an advanced material that has outstanding sustainable potential which contributes to the South Korean government’s green new deal policy. HK Industry R&D test facility is equipped with a high pressure strength tester, heat conducting rate measuring equipment, density measuring equipment, granularity analyzer, and many more to discover and analyze new possibilities of our technology.

Offers sustainable
environment through
resource re-circulation

contributes to
the government’s
Green New Deal policy

geopolymer inorganic
insulation material

that is safe in fire

developed eco-friendly product
for the safety of the people
and improvement of
national technology