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Geopolymer is a material that is hardened in low temperate
by a mere chemical reaction between aluminosilicate raw material and alkali activator.
Fly ash etc is the ingredient and it does not need to go through
plasticity process in production, so it uses much less energy in production process
and it also significantly reduces the CO₂discharge amount.
Coal ash geopolymer
It uses a high end green new material production method to counteract global warming, so it uses about 80% less CO₂ compared to the OPC production. It also resolved the existing OPC problem with its eco-friendly material and improved its function significantly.

About 80% reduction


About 50% increase

Resource circulation




Heat resistant material


Production cost

About 30% saving

Fields that Geopolymer is used
Because of its eco-friendly, high durability, high functionality, and economical characteristics, it is used in variety of fields from construction base material to hazardous substance containment.
지오폴리머 활용분야
Insulation toxicity comparison
It has outstandingly less toxicity compared to organic insulation material and other inorganic insulation materials.

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Category Inorganic insulation material (Insulator) Organic Insulator
Geopolymer insulator Other inorganic insulator
Type · Coal Bottom & Fly Ash
· Blast Furnace Slag etc
· OPC based concrete foam
· pearl lite, glass insulator etc
· Polyurethane foam
· Polystyrene etc
Characteristics · Substantial reduction of CO2
· Sustainable material Light weight
· outstanding insulation function
· Extremely vulnerable to heat
· A lot of CO2 discharge during manufacturing
· Vulnerable to Humidity Hazardous substance
· Extremely vulnerable to heat
· Made with substance that destroy O₃
· Discharges toxic gas when it is on fire
The one and only enterprise that developed geopolymer technology
that reduces 80% of generated CO₂