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Construction material

We will maintain high quality of the various construction materials
which are the basic materials for ready-mix concrete.
It is the material that becomes the bone of the mortar or concrete, and this must be steadfast and chemically stable. Mostly sand and gravel is used, but depending on the diameter of each grain, it is categorized as rough aggregate which is bigger than 5mm, and fine aggregate which is smaller than 5mm.

Size and Usage

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Category Product Name Particle size Usage
Crushed coarse aggregate for concrete (Gravel) #57 25~5mm PC product, PILE,Electric pole, R/C manufacturing
#67 19~5mm PC product, PILE,Electric pole, R/C manufacturing
#78 13~25mm Asphalt surface, water proofing work, well purifying work
Crushed fine aggregate for concrete (sand) Coarse Sand 5~3mm BLOCK manufacturing, brick
Medium Sand 3~0.15mm Concrete manufacturing, R/C manufacturing
Mixed aggregate Base layer 40mm or less Road pavement base layer
Subbase layer 75mm or less Road pavement subbase layer
Detailed sand Stone powder 8mm or less BLOCK manufacturing, brick, mix aggregate