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Ready-mix concrete

Ready-mix concrete
Ready-mix concrete
This type of concrete is loaded on the car before it is hardened at the concrete manufacturing factory and moved to the site while mixing in the car.
A mixed substance of certain amount of sand, gravel, aggregate etc poured in the cement and kneaded with water. Because it is easy to make and because of its high durability, it is used as the main ingredient for civil construction or building.
Manufacturing process

Ingredient storage




Ingredient storage
  • Cement
  • It is a mineral that hardens when it meets water. In general, type 1 normal Portland cement is used for ready-mix concrete making while other cements are used for specialized purpose.
  • Water
  • Water must be clean and should not contain any oil, acid, or organic substance.
  • Fine aggregate
  • Aggregate that are small enough to pass 5mm sieve but too big to go through 0.08mm sieve (Saline 0.04% or less)
  • Coarse aggregate
  • Aggregate that passes through Maximum aggregate (20mm, 25mm, 40mm) sieve but does not pass through 5mm sieve.
  • Additive
  • It’s the additive that is over 5% of the cement’s weight in general usage (fly ash, blast furnace slag fine powder, silica fume etc)
  • Admixture
  • It’s the additive that is less than 1% of the cement’s weight in general (AE admixture, AE water reducing admixture, high functioning water reducing admixture, high range water reducer etc)
Measurement Process to accurately measure the amount of original material (cement, aggregate, admixture) that are put inside one pack of ready-mix concrete (6m³)
Mix Process to sufficiently mix the measured materials so that it won’t be separated and to evenly discharge such substance.
Delivery It’s a process to deliver the liquid concrete that went through measurement and mixing process and deliver it in a Mixer Truck and pour it on the construction site within 90 minutes.